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Solution for the special needs of wastewater treatment plant operators

Customized complete solutions for highly scalable process control in wastewater treatment plants

For the safe and sustainable operation of wastewater treatment plants, we offer end-to-end complete solutions.

Through many years of intensive exchange with our customers, we have a focused view on the industry-specific process management of the wastewater industry. The features of our systems are further sharpened with each release with regard to the specific requirements.

Our modular systems are ideally suited for monitoring and controlling the individual processes of your wastewater treatment plant. Adaptations to current conditions and easy integration into existing system environments are made possible without any problems by standardized interfaces and protocols.

With the highly scalable EP2000 process control system, you can keep an eye on the processes and parameters of your wastewater treatment plant at all times and respond directly to deviations and changes in status. Anomalies are indicated to you at an early stage and you decide yourself at any time on the triggering parameters. Safe process control is possible locally, remotely or via PLC-controlled automation stations. The collection, management and organization of large amounts of data and the authority-compatible transfer, e.g. in the form of operating reports, will facilitate your daily work.

From consulting and project planning to commissioning and after-sales service, we will remain at your side as often and as long as you wish. Feel free to contact us about our service and maintenance contracts.



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Functions and features

Control Center
The Control Center is the central entry point into the monitoring of processes. The display can be customized and the cockpit function allows the instances to be strategically arranged and distributed across multiple screens.
The automated documentation tool documents the configuration settings of your system and provides output in PDF format. In accordance with current IT security guidelines, particularly sensitive information can be hidden during export.
Excel report incl. manual input
An add-in for Microsoft Excel* is available for creating and using your own reports. It enables access to all archive values in the process control system. In addition to the familiar Excel functions, there are many other ways to access process information. For example, information entered manually can be written directly to the archive system of the process control system via an Excel spreadsheet.
* Microsoft Excel is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.
Process Image Editor
Own process pictures can be designed freely or generated quickly and easily using templates. It is also possible to adapt process screens to individual requirements using scripts and to implement special functions.
Historical information in process screens
Historical information is usually displayed in the form of tables or curve displays. The review function offers the possibility to display historical information in a process screen in the technological context. Within the process screen output, you can switch between current values and historical values.
Extensive options for fault alarming are available to you, e.g. prioritization, delay, individual texts and message surge suppression. Call chains and on-call schedules can be created to manage the alerting. The communication channels SMS, e-mail, voice call and eCityruf are supported.

Your benefit for wastewater management

"Ready-to-Use" Complete solutions

For the monitoring and control of wastewater treatment plants, we offer you our process control and automation systems as a complete solution. From the idea to the after-sale service, we accompany your project and take into account the very individual circumstances of your plant. You benefit from the well-founded experience of our well-coordinated project team.
Easy integration into existing IT systems

Easy integration into existing IT systems

Standardized interfaces and protocols enable easy integration into existing system environments and the acquisition of all process information. The interfaces are offered on a project-specific basis and are individually configurable and expandable. This means you benefit from the highest possible flexibility.
PLC connection

PLC connection

Customer-programmed and proven PLC controls are transferred in conformity with standards via standardized interfaces so that the connected processes can continue to operate without interruption. This allows us to offer you state-of-the-art technology at manageable costs.


It is possible to integrate external reports and evaluations from monitoring authorities or associations, such as the individual events for stormwater overflow basins from the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA).


In close accordance with the BDEW whitepaper, we are responding to the current requirements for process control systems in terms of cyber security and are constantly improving security mechanisms. Our control system software can be fully integrated into existing network domains via the domain controller. The software offers temporary upgrading of user rights during operation without having to log on to the system again.

Tailored support for every user group

This helps plant operators

Operators of wastewater treatment plants bear the responsibility for rule-compliant, sustainable and economical operation of their technical plants and processes.
The VIVAVIS control system EP2000 supports this with many individually adaptable functions:

  • The control system is open and highly scalable and can be suitably expanded for almost any size of plant.
  • Standardized interfaces and protocols enable easy integration into existing system environments.
  • The creation of own reports as well as the integration of external reports and evaluations from monitoring authorities or associations (e.g. DWA) are possible.
  • Investment protection and operational reliability of the entire system can be permanently ensured by maintenance and service contracts as well as patch management.
  • IT security in accordance with the BDEW white paper is ensured by continuous improvement of the system.
  • Extensions by other VIVAVIS expert systems (e.g. asset management and energy management) are possible via the internal information bus. We will be happy to advise you.

This helps your operating personnel

The operating personnel monitor and coordinate the system and intervene in the processes (e.g. by remote control).

In addition to the standard SCADA functions, the VIVAVIS EP2000 control system offers numerous industry-specific function modules, special solutions and open interfaces that support operators in their daily tasks:

  • The message screen provides a complete overview for malfunction, warning and alarm messages at any time and the operating personnel can react directly if necessary.
  • With the setting options in the system, employees can individually adapt the display of information to their needs.
  • The fault alarm system offers a wide range of options such as prioritization, call chains, delay or message surge suppression for convenient information forwarding.
  • Manual entries, e.g. via Microsoft Excel* tables, can be easily imported into the process control system archive.
  • The review function can be used to display historical information in a process image in technological contexts.
  • The EP2000.web extension enables process monitoring and control via mobile devices.

*Microsoft Excel is one of the Microsoft group of companies.

This helps system integrators

System integrators are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the plants and provide operators with advice.

The VIVAVIS control system EP2000 provides a wide range of communication interfaces (e.g. OPC UA, Profinet, IEC 60870-5-104) for user-friendly process integration of the wastewater infrastructure. The system is highly scalable and can be extended to suit almost any plant size. System integrators benefit from a wide range of functions:

  • Seamless data exchange with other system landscapes is particularly easy via the various communication interfaces.
  • Thanks to the self-generating process overviews, EP2000 offers full control center functionality even during data model entry. Immediately after data model generation, the system is “ready-to-use”.
  • Own process screens can be easily generated using templates and adapted via scripts for special and individual functions.
  • The system configuration is clearly summarized by the automatic documentation tool and made available as a document.
  • Following the motto “as much as necessary, but as little as possible”, VIVAVIS offers individually configurable interfaces on a project-specific basis and the software in a modular license model.


Extensions by other VIVAVIS expert systems (e.g. asset management and energy management) are possible via the internal information bus. We will be happy to advise you.

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