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For secure data traffic

ACOS Gateway Enterprise - The bridge between SCADA and telecontrol network

ACOS Gateway Enterprise provides you with the link between SCADA and telecontrol network. ACOS Gateway Enterprise is provided as a Docker image and can be installed on SUSE SLES or RedHat Enterprise Linux.


IT-security by Design

With its comprehensive IT security functions (IEC 62351-3, logging, RBAC), ACOS Gateway Enterprise enables the implementation of regulatory requirements for secure network operation.


With update capability and central management of firmware (patch management) and certificates that keep your systems up to date.

simply multilingual

Extensive standardised protocol support according to IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus TCP, DNP3 ensures interoperability and consistent efficient engineering in ACOS ET.

Redundant operation

ACOS Gateway Enterprise can be operated in redundant mode. For the communication of the connected telecontrol devices, either automatic switching or switching via SCADA can be used.

Extensive communication

Enables communication with 2000 telecontrol devices via a maximum of 8 network interfaces.

Easy Parameterization

ACOS ET enables central, simple, fast and safe engineering. With intelligent user assistance as well as functionalities for fast migration of existing telecontrol heads to ACOS Gateway Enterprise. The parameterisation can also be taken over and saved via the web interface of the ACOS Gateway Enterprise.


ACOS Gateway Enterprise offers comprehensive diagnostic functionalities for network connectivity, communication, traffic recording and device logbook.

Your benefits for secure network operation

High availability

High availability

To maintain the functionality of the processes under all circumstances and thus ensure high system availability, ACOS Gateway Enterprise has various redundancy concepts.
Long-term investment

Long-term investment

With product features such as remote update capability or patch management, the ACOS Gateway Enterprise is always up to date and thus a secure investment for the future.
Secure Grid Operation

Secure Grid Operation

With an ISMS implementation or a certification according to ISO 27019, the small telecontrol system enables a secure and reliable network operation.
High compatibility

High compatibility

ACOS Gateway Enterprise can be installed in highly available IT clusters.
Fast process data update

Fast process data update

Fast process data updating is made possible by means of a central process image in the gateways.



ACOS Gateway Enterprise 7.8 Manual 0.00 KB 36 downloads

User Manual ACOS Gateway Enterprise, from Release  7.8
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