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For a secure energy infrastructure at the low-voltage level

VIVAVIS FNN Control Box - Interoperable in Network Operation

The digitisation of the energy transition has posed considerable challenges to the energy industry: They need to build up a secure energy infrastructure that is capable of integrating decentralised consumers and producers of low-voltage energy into existing power grids while taking into account the existing structures. For this purpose, basically two core components are required: the Smart Meter Gateway and the Control Box.

The Smart Meter Gateway is part of the responsible metering point operator’s (gMSB) area of responsibility; its purpose is to ensure a secure communication link. This communication link is set up by the Gateway Administrator, acting as an encrypted connection between a back-end system and another system behind the Smart Meter Gateway which can be accessed by means of the Control Box. The Control Box uses the IEC-61850 protocol to communicate via the CLS channel of the SMGW; it fulfils all process specifications acc. to VDE FNN. As an option, the Control Box can be expanded by the EEBUS functionality.



The IEC 61850 is a standardised communication protocol that enables the mapping of operations schedules and priority-based control functions. The standard-compliant integration ensures the Control Box’s future security and interoperability.

Security and Encryption

Communication with the FNN Control Box takes place on the basis of a communication process that is secured and encrypted acc. to BSI TR 03109-1 and acc. to the specifications for intelligent metering systems.

Standardised System Control

The standardised control of systems, including real-power limitation or priority mapping of different agents on the market can be implemented independently of manufacturers and across different systems.


The optionally available EEBUS functions enable the implementation of wall boxes and of further future use cases related to the smart charging of e-vehicles.

User-Friendly Administration

Based on the CLS back-end solution of the coordination function, the FNN Control Box has uniform firmware and parameter updates, as well as manufacturer-independent sets of parameters for control of the connected systems.

Your Benefits for the Digitised Distribution Networks

Control Functions acc. to FNN Specifications

Control Functions acc. to FNN Specifications

The FNN Control Box supports all functions for the integration of controllable systems, from the system reserve via EMT control programs through to VNB control functions via IEC 61850.
Secure Communication acc. to BSI (German Federal Cyber Security Authority)

Secure Communication acc. to BSI (German Federal Cyber Security Authority)

The FNN Control Box is completely integrated into the secure BSI communication acc. to the TR-03109 Technical Directive, and it also supports secure communication with connected systems.
Replacement of Ripple Control Receivers

Replacement of Ripple Control Receivers

The FNN Control Box enables the replacement of ripple control receivers - with the obvious benefits: Operators can instantly see whether switching commands are successful. Via the IEC 61850 protocol, the Control Box logs every switching command on the bay control level.
Basis for Balancing Power Supply and Demand

Basis for Balancing Power Supply and Demand

Thanks to the integrated control outputs and the optional connection of EEBUS, the FNN Control Box is capable of controlling charging columns and charging processes for e-vehicles that are supplied by discounted power connections acc. to §14a EnWG (German Energy Industry Act).

Customised support for every user group

A Great Help for Grid Operators

No matter if you are a DNO or TNO, or if you need to control charging infrastructures or renewable energy feed-in systems – the FNN Control Box makes operation and monitoring in low- and medium-voltage systems quick, easy and economical.



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Die VIVAVIS FNN Steuerbox STBF24A - Interoperabel im Netzbetrieb. Aktuelles Produktdatenblatt...

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