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High and medium voltage Switchgear, protection and station control equipment

AMW Anlagen-Montagen Werder GmbH, Werder (Havel)/Germany

AMW Anlagen-Montagen Werder GmbH is your competent and flexible partner and provider of services in the field of electrical energy supply. The company offers services for maintenance and upkeep of your high and medium voltage switchgear, helps you with the construction or modernization of substations, switching substations as well as local area substations and provides you support in planning, realization and retesting of your protection and station control systems.

For more than 25 years, AMW GmbH has been cooperating successfully with German energy suppliers, municipalities as well as utilities ad is hired regularly by industrial and contracting authorities.

The company and its highly qualified staff are available for installation, service and commissioning tasks – not only in your neighbourhood, but throughout the nation and even worldwide.

Apart from commissioning, AMW GmbH is also your reliable contact with regard to expert trainings for your customers.

Services and Solutions

  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of high-, medium- and low-voltage switchgear – from individual modular solutions to complete transformer stations
  • Planning and documentation for switchgear and secondary installations on all voltage levels, using various different CAD systems (RUPLAN, ELCAD, AutoCAD and EngineeringBase)
  • Protection and station automation systems for switchgear of all voltage levels
  • Construction of customized control cabinets

Service and Support

  • Periodic tests of switchgear of all voltage levels and of protective devices,
  • IS limiters and transformer stations;
  • Manufacturer-independent maintenance and repair of air- and Sf6-insulated high- and medium-voltage switchgear as well as of control and protection equipment, I&C systems and metering/counting equipment
  • Damage analysis in case of faults and preparation of rehabilitation proposals
  • On-call service for emergencies
  • High-voltage tests and partial discharge measurements for AC voltage from 0.1 Hz to 50 Hz
  • Earthing measurements in transformer stations, overhead line systems and switching stations
  • Heating tests using infrared analysis