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Energy and load management

Berg GmbH, Martinsried/Germany

Berg GmbH is the leading supplier of energy and load management systems. With the optimized integrated solutions Efficio and Optimo, companies are able to operate in a carbon-neutral as well as economical way. Products and solutions by Berg GmbH help in increasing the energy efficiency of manufacturing industry and properties economically as well as ecologically thus enabling a sustainable future. Because the cleanest energy is energy, which has not been generated, distributed or consumed at all.

The portfolio includes the complete package – from competent energy consultancy, solid as well as precise measurement and communication technologies up to professional software solutions designed to optimize energy costs. The energy experts of Berg GmbH offer advice on funding opportunities, exploit financing potential and search for approved funding. Hardware and software systems are adapted to customers’ needs and integrated.

Energy Management


With technology from Berg, you can detect and improve potentials for cost reduction, monitor your energy performance indicators (EnPI) and check the control behaviour of your systems and processes. Our modern web-based solution is characterized by intuitive operation and therefore ideal for customers with little time and manpower.

Efficio is the ideal tool for media acquisition and analysis. It enables the generation of energetic performance indicators and supports you in the implementation of the ISO 50001 and EN 16247 standards. Efficio has a modular structure and comprises measuring instruments, suitable energy data loggers and software for the evaluation of energy consumption.



Berg offers suitable energy data loggers and gateways for the acquisition and caching of energy data.

Have you installed pulse counters whose values shall be included in your calculation? Gateways from Berg are always the right choice!

In the event of your intranet/LAN breaking down, there will be no loss of data. Our energy data loggers make sure that all recorded energy consumption data are cached. Once the connection to the intranet/LAN is available again, our energy management software automatically reads out the cached values.

Instrumentation and Control

Berg is a full-range supplier for everything related to energy optimization. Our scope of products includes energy meters, grid analyzers and energy management software. We also provide competent support in all energy-related questions.

Utility Companies offer Energy Management Solutions to their Industry Customers


As part of the VIVAVIS Group, Berg GmbH offers the Efficio energy management solution to energy suppliers, as the optimal tool to generate added value. Efficio makes energy consumption transparent and generates tax benefits. For municipal utilities, Efficio opens up a variety of up- and cross-selling opportunities as well as valuable information on the energy consumption of  their customers.

The new “Energy Optimization” services increases customer loyalty, and customers benefit from increased transparency with regard to energy consumption behind the billing meter. Of course, Efficio has multi-client capability, and every customer can access only his own information.

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