Smart grid and charging infrastructure solution

Intelligent Power Charging in Smart Cities

Every successful project is based on a solid foundation. This is also true for e-mobility. Smart and future-oriented solutions are needed to create the best conditions in the network.

Not only power supply grid operators and municipal utilities but also the owners of site networks must be able to face up to the challenges of e-mobility. For all of them, we at VIVAVIS offer a comprehensive and interoperable solution portfolio for electromobility.

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Functions and features

Grid-Supportive Control of Charging Points
The Smart Grid Operation Platform makes low-voltage grids fit for the installation of charging infrastructures. The system recognises imminent bottlenecks in the grid and can make targeted interventions into the charging point control to prevent such bottlenecks. This enables the operators of low-voltage networks to exploit the possibilities created by the revised § 14a of the German Energy Industry Act for the integration of controllable consumers and controllable grid interfaces.
Targeted Control of Charging Processes
In the field of e-mobility, VIVAVIS enables the interoperable and consistent control of charging columns via Smart Meter Gateway as the communication platform. The technical basis for this concept is the Control Box which makes it possible to counteract critical grid situation detected by the Smart Grid Operation Platform, by managing charging processes accordingly.
Intelligent Power Grid and Charging Infrastructure Management
HIGH-LEIT iNLM is a load management system for public transport companies and fleet operators who have to manage fleets of e-buses and install charging infrastructures in depots to charge their vehicles. Interfaces to the back-end and resource planning systems are part of our comprehensive approach for the optimisation of power grid and charging infrastructures as well as for supporting operations.
Maintenance and Outage Management of Charging Columns
Our 360° AM Asset Management System is a powerful tool for the digital management and documentation of processes and job orders related to charging columns and system components. It makes the implementation of projects and tasks even more efficient, enabling operators to obtain a transparent overview of activities, their status and their documentation at all times.

Your Benefits for E-mobility

Comprehensive Overview

Comprehensive Overview

Currents and power are recorded online. The values for operating components that are not recorded online can be estimated via the integrated load-flow calculation function. All components and data are visualised in a clear and concise manner. All persons involved have the same overview of the power grid, thereby reducing confusion and misunderstandings.
Protection of Equipment against Overload

Protection of Equipment against Overload

Both HIGH-LEIT iNLM and the Smart Grid Operation Platform monitor the load on the operating equipment (lines, transformers) online and can automatically intervene in the event of danger.
Fault Alarms

Fault Alarms

As soon as the system detects a fault, the stand-by staff is automatically alerted e.g. via phone, SMS or e-mail.
Powerful Hardware

Powerful Hardware

RTUs that are specially designed to meet the requirements of charging infrastructures - this is the ACOS 7 series. Here, the focus is both on easy and efficient engineering and on investment security. Moreover, our RTUs meet the highest IT security demands. The ACOS 7 hardware can be used in charging columns in accordance with FNN regulations and also as expanded control box. (FNN = German Forum for Network Technology/Network Operation in VDE).

Customised support for every user group

Whether operators of distribution networks or operators of e-bus depots – our e-mobility solution offers every user those functions required for smooth and proper workflow. Even service and maintenance staff and complete service providers for charging points may benefit from the system’s capabilities.

Operators of Distribution Networks Operators of E-Bus Depots Service and Maintenance Staff Manufacturers / Complete Service Providers for Charging Points

Benefits for Operators of Distribution Networks

The Smart Grid Operation Platform provides optimum support to energy suppliers to meet the technical challenges in low-voltage grid management – be it the ever-increasing number of e-vehicles or the expansion of renewable energies Staff on site as well as in the control center is always informed about components, values and conditions in the network and may intervene immediately if required. Data provided by smart meters, IoT sensors and common telecontrol is processed and forwarded for further processing to applications in the system. This process is supported by the following features:

  • Schematic and geographical network visualisation with a display of the latest voltage, current and power values in order to assess the actual load on the power grid.
  • Overview on faults, malfunctions and disturbances to facilitate and accelerate their location.
  • Visualisation of historic voltage, current and power values for each phase to enable better planning of switching operations.
  • Highlighting of circuit sections/assets being under construction to inform other users about the current status
  • Calculation of capacity utilisation of assets/equipment.
  • Preventive intervention in charging procedures in the event of imminent local overload.

To enable preventive intervention, the Control Box can be installed in charging points.
The expanded Control Box enables the acquisition of additional measured values and digital contacts. The control function is implemented via CLS Operator and the Smart Meter Gateway.

The CLS Operator serves as a central interface for systems that want to gain access to CLS devices via a Smart Meter Gateway. The secure communication link established by the Smart Meter Gateway is terminated by the IDSpecto.CLS Operator in accordance with BSI regulations, thus creating a tunnel which enables access to the devices installed within the Controllable Local System, while meeting the security requirements of BSI.

Benefits for Operators of E-Bus Depots

HIGH-LEIT iNLM monitors the electrical equipment on bus depots, protecting them against overload. This process is supported by the following features:

  • Acquisition and visualisation of current switching states and asset/equipment utilisation.
  • Display of the latest voltage, current and power values, as well as trends of the last previous hours, in order to enable estimation of the power grid capacity.
  • Preventive intervention in charging procedures in the event of imminent local overload.
  • Monitoring of the total energy demand vis-à-vis the upstream power grid operator enables compliance with the contractually defined terms and conditions.
  • Standardised interfaces enable the connection of charging infrastructure back-end systems.

Benefits for Service and Maintenance Staff

VIVAVIS offers tailor-made solutions for service and maintenance works. The 360° AM Technical Asset Management solution can be used in different configurations, offering standardised modules for:

  • Asset inventories and management
  • Cyclic and event-oriented maintenance management
  • Outage management and documentation
  • Job order and workforce management
  • Company-wide integration of IT systems (ERP, GIS, ADMS etc.)

These features enable you to organise and document all data of your pipeline system via a platform.

Benefits for Manufacturers / Complete Service Providers for Charging Points

VIVAVIS offers powerful automation hardware on Linux basis

  • as FNN-compliant control box, to enable interventions into charging processes
  • as expanded Control Box, to additionally enable the acquisition of measured data and digital inputs and transfer them to the power grid operator.

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