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LoRa® wireless technology in the environment of process control systems

LoRa®* radio technology is also becoming increasingly important in the process control system environment. Two reasons speak for this:

  1. the use of the SRD band 868 MHz is free and
  2. the transmission characteristics are significantly better compared to common radio technologies.

LoRa® technology can therefore also communicate successfully at locations where common wireless technology fails. VIVAVIS uses this advantage and offers efficient and flexible solutions based on LoRa® to provide process control systems with additional information and measurement data of the field levels. The question quickly arises: “Can we also use LoRa® sensors for our projects? ” The answer: “It depends!”

  • Are the sensors installed within a city or in the countryside?
  • Are the sensors located in the basement?
  • Where is the nearest gateway located?
  • Are there many trees in the way?

The transmission quality depends heavily on the environment of the sensors and is difficult to predict across the board. Only a field test brings certainty. With the LoRa® function packages, VIVAVIS offers you basic equipment with which you can approach the topic of “IoT sensors” – and without much effort. The VIVAVIS test packages contain everything you need to test and work out your own use cases. *LoRa® is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

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Functions and features

Field test
Generally, the first step is a feasibility study: Where can the gateway be placed? In what radius is there sufficient reception?, etc. To answer these and similar questions, we recommend the "Field Test" package. This includes a mobile field tester that transmits the GPS coordinates and reception quality to the server and shows them locally on a display. This allows potential sensor locations to be quickly identified. The measurement results are logged and are available for later evaluation. In addition, the package includes a room sensor that is also suitable for longer transmission tests.
Status monitoring
The "Condition monitoring" package includes two sensors, each of which can transmit two pieces of information, e.g. pump faults or flows/pulses. The meter reading is transmitted hourly, while faults are transmitted immediately. Every time a limit value is exceeded, a message is sent to which you can react according to the respective application. All information is logged on the server and is available for later analysis in the VIVAVIS Dashboard. Long-term trends can be read via the visualization.
Level metering
If you would like to get an overview of the water levels of flowing waters, the "Water Level Measurement" package is ideal. The package includes two ultrasonic sensors that can be used to transmit water levels between 0 and 4 meters. The measured value is collected every 15 minutes, transmitted immediately if a limit violation is detected, or once an hour if the water level is normal. All information is logged on the server and is available for later analysis in the VIVAVIS Dashboard. Limit values can also be forwarded immediately by e-mail.
Questions about the location of an emergency generator or similar can be answered with the help of the "AssetTracking" package. And not only that - the sensor included in the package can transmit two states. A third information point can be provided via an analog 0-10 V input.

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The starter kits

The starter kits

Getting started instead of waiting - You want to realize first measurements without large investments? With our starter kits you can now find an easy and inexpensive entry into the LORA world. You purchase the desired sensors including access to the VIVAVIS Dashboard for one year. After the first year, you decide which sensors and visualization you would like to continue operating.
Sensors included

Sensors included

3 sensors are included in the starter kit: a room sensor for temperature, humidity and movement, this makes it ideal for room monitoring of little-visited buildings. It is a universal sensor for transmission of a digital information (state or count pulse). It is also a door contact. This information is also transmitted cyclically to the server and is available in the dashboard.
Start immediately

Start immediately

The individual components are ready for immediate use and are largely independent of the surrounding infrastructure. 1. select gateway locations 2. mount antennas and sensors 3. access via PC, smartphone or tablet is available to them immediately after commissioning.
Parallel operation possible

Parallel operation possible

If desired, several starter kits can be operated in parallel, there are almost no limits to the scalability.
Scalability and extensions

Scalability and extensions

After the first project, the infrastructure created is scalable. Further gateways and sensors can be integrated. The integration of NB-IoT sensors or IoT platforms is also possible.
Added value in data management

Added value in data management

All collected data can of course be forwarded to other systems (control system, GIS or asset management). Information that has not been available until now is thus available to the specialist application in order to obtain a better process overview and to be able to react more quickly to events.

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