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CAD systems and mobile solutions

VIVASECUR GmbH, Frankfurt (Oder)/Germany

Since October 2019, the companies IDS Secur Systems GmbH and Systemhaus Scheuschner Frankfurt GmbH have been operating under the new company name VIVASECUR GmbH.

VIVASECUR GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company committed to analyse, plan and realize hardware and software solutions for emergency services and Critical Infrastructure Protection. Engineers and developers work at locations in Germany – Frankfurt (Oder) and Leinfelden‑Echterdingen.

CAD systems by VIVASECUR GmbH have been designed for application in control stations of fire, rescue as well as police services, private fire brigades and security centres of industrial enterprises. The systems reliably support dispatchers in their operative and administrative tasks as well as in communication with emergency task forces.

You can integrate CAD systems by VIVASECUR GmbH into tailor-made solutions. The product portfolio includes systems to manage and administer orders, records, personnel, fleets and devices as well as to invoice emergency and ambulance services. Furthermore, VIVASECUR GmbH offers applications for mobile devices to process deployment data and forward information to task forces.

The DALLES Operations Control System (PSA and Industry)


The DALLES operations control system is at the centre of emergency and rescue operations is designed to relieve dispatchers through user-friendly operation and a high degree of functionality, to speed up processes and to keep the focus on the relevant activities related to an emergency.

Whether it is used by fire brigades, rescue services, integrated operations control centres or ambulances: DALLES perfectly fits for all application scenarios. Each activity and every change of data are logged by the system. thereby enabling operators to understand who has made which change at any given time. Safety in all parts of the program is of the utmost importance; in addition to operating safety and protection against failures, this requires maximum protection against manipulations.

The secur.CAD Operations Control System (PSA and Industry)


The secur.CAD operations control system is designed for the optimal visualization of operational processes in emergency and rescue services. A clear and user-friendly user menu guides dispatchers through the different operational steps to ensure that emergency aid is rendered as quickly as possible.

secur.CAD is an operations control and management system that has been designed to optimize the operations of corporate fire brigades and of industrial security centres. It includes industry-specific modules, numerous interfaces for the connection of subsystems and is also suitable for small-scale security centres.

Communication with Vehicles


Together with the mobile PC in the emergency vehicle, the software guarantees optimum communication between the control centre and the emergency vehicle, from the transfer of emergency data to routing to the scene of emergency. The vehicle’s position data are available both in the radio alarm system and in the emergency control system.

Mobile Solutions

In line with the trends of today’s market, our control centre network service offers a direct connection for data exchange of resources as well as the transfer of operational data between control centres, with the control systems DALLES, secur.CAD and systems from other suppliers.

The Alarm app enables direct alerting of emergency services and feedback to the control centre as to the time of arrival at the site of emergency; a specific display (fire station display) enables the alerting of distributed fire stations.