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Submetering solution

Become completely flexible – from reading to billing

The submetering concept by VIVAVIS is your interoperable and manufacturer as well as medium-independent solution for consumption data recording of residential and commercial properties. There is a large variety of devices that have to be connected, from heat meters and heat cost allocators to energy meters and manifold sensor technology. If required the whole meter-to-cash process can be automated – from measuring to transfer and finally to billing. We offer a system that perfectly integrates into processes of meter operators and housing associations, for example. This ensures maximum cost-effectiveness right from the start of the project.


Submetering solutions must not only be designed to record data from very different devices but also have to guarantee automatic forwarding to other applications and thus ensure security of investments and become future-proof.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of numerous meters and sensors
  • Connection to very different systems, such as, for example, ERP or billing systems
  • Complete automation of processes


Our Solution for You

  1. Acquisition of data recorded by manifold meters and sensors
    In addition to meters for heat, hot and cold water or heat cost allocators, which are typically used in submetering, we can also read data from other devices such as energy meters, temperature or humidity sensors, smoke alarms or door contacts provided they apply common communication standards (eg M-Bus, wireless M-Bus, Modbus or LoRa®).
  2. Flexible infrastructure for metered data transmission
    We establish a radio infrastructure by means of our smart and durable gateway enQube, which use numerous different transmission paths to communicate. Depending on the technology, you may even add range extenders or repeaters.
  3. Central data and process platform
    DAYOS is the data and process platform and therewith the heart of our submetering solution. It provides the central data storage and realizes every required process related to the reception of metered data recorded by our gateways or provided by other infrastructures – from recording to validation, calculation and completeness checks up to transferring standardized data to connected systems. IDSpecto.DAYOS is available as software as a service operated in our German data centre.
  4. Consumption data portal
    An integrated consumption data portal for consumers may also be added to our submetering solution. This way you support transparency of consumption and meet future legal information duties already today.
  5. Make settlements on your own or outsource
    Existing billing systems are connected via interfaces to IDSpecto.DAYOS. In case you want to outsource billing, you can use billing solutions by our partners.

Added Value

With an open and manufacturer-independent comprehensive solution comprising hardware as well as software you are able to optimize and automate your submetering processes – from measuring to forwarding to billing. You can gradually expand and develop your system from meter-to-cash to sensor-to-cash at any time.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Insights into properties
  • Operation monitoring
  • Remote reading and billing
  • Optimization of billing of heating and running costs
  • Compatibility with numerous standard meters
  • Interoperable interfaces to connect applications such as ERP and billing systems

High degree of investment security thanks to a solution being designed for operation with intelligent metering systems/smart meter gateways via CLS interface